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The Final Conflict and Heaven

The End.


Wann der Herr einst die Gefangenen

S. G. Bürde. 1794.

When the Lord recalls the banish'd,

Frees the captives all at last,

Every sorrow will have vanish'd

Like a dream when night is past;

Then shall all our hearts rejoice,

And with glad resounding voice

We shall praise the Lord who sought us,

For the freedom He hath wrought us.

Lift Thy hand to aid us, Father,

Look an us who widely roam,

And Thy scatter'd children gather

ln their long'd-for promised home;

Steep and weary is the way,

Shorten Thou the sultry day,

Faithful warriors hast Thou found us,

Let Thy peace for aye surround us.

In that peace we reap in gladness

What was sown in tearful showers:

There the fruit of all our sadness

Ripens,--there the palm is ours;

There our God upon His throne

Is our full reward alone;

They who all for God surrender

Bring their sheaves in heavenly splendour.

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