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The Blessing.


Aus deiner Eltern Armen

Albert Knapp.

Thy parents' arms now yield thee,

With love all glowing warm,

To Him who best can shield thee,

To that Eternal Arm

That all the heavens upholdeth,

And bids the dead arise,

That tender babes enfoldeth

And leads them toward the skies.

Wash'd in the blood that gushes

From out His wounded heart,

Wrapp'd in the peace that hushes

All earthly grief and smart,

Go forth upon thy journey,

Grow up in strength and age,

And seek with joy and wisdom

Thy holy heritage.

Oh sweet will sound the voices

That hail thee from above,

Where heaven's bright host rejoices

Before the Eternal Love;

"Now canst thou wander never,

Now past is all thy strife,

Oh bless the hour for ever

That call'd thee into life."

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