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Christ our Example.


Immer muss ich wieder lesen

Luise Hensel.

Ever would I fain be reading

In the ancient holy Book,

Of my Saviour's gentle pleading,

Truth in every word and look.

How when children came He bless'd them,

Suffer'd no man to reprove,

Took them in His arms, and press'd them

To His heart with words of love.

How to all the sick and tearful

Help was ever gladly shown;

How He sought the poor and fearful,

Call'd them brothers and His own.

How no contrite soul e'er sought Him,

And was bidden to depart,

How with gentle words He taught him,

Took the death from out his heart.

Still I read the ancient story,

And my joy is ever new,

How for us He left His glory,

How He still is kind and true.


How the flock He gently leadeth

Whom His Father gave Him here;

How His arms He widely spreadeth

To His heart to draw us near.

Let me kneel, my Lord, before Thee,

Let my heart in tears o'erflow,

Melted by Thy love adore Thee,

Blest in Thee 'mid joy or woe!

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