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The Life of Faith

Longing for Home.


Oeffne nun die Perlenthoren

Wolfgang C. Deszler. 1692.

Now the pearly gates unfold,

O Thou Joy of highest heaven,

Who ere earth was made, of old

Light of light for light wast given!

Hasten, Lord, and quickly come,

Bring the bride Thou hast betroth'd,

In Thine own pure radiance clothed,

Safe to Thine eternal home,

Where no more the night of sin

Spreads its fear and gloom within.

All my spirit thirsts to see,

Lord, Thy face unveil'd and bright;

And to stand from sin set free,

Spotless Lamb, amid Thy light.

But I leave it,--Thou dost well,

And my heaven is here and now,

Daystar of my soul, if Thou

Wilt but deign in me to dwell;

For without Thee could there be

Joy in heaven itself for me?

Bliss from Thee my soul hath won,

Spite of darkly threat'ning ill;

And my heart calls Thee its Sun,

And the sea of care grows still


In the shining of Thy smile;

For Thy love's all-quickening ray

Chases night and pain away,

That my heart grows light the while;

Heavenly joys in Thee are mine,

Far from Thee I mourn and pine.

Graft me into Thee for ever,

Tree of Life, that I may grow

Stronger heavenward, drooping never

For the sharpest storms that blow,

Bearing fruits of faith and truth;

Then transplant me out of time

Into that eternal clime

Where I shall renew my youth,

When earth's wither'd leaves shall bloom

Fresh in beauty from the tomb.

Life, to whom as to my Head

I unite me, through my soul

Now Thy quickening life-stream shed,

And Thy love's warm current roll,

Freshening all with strength and grace;

Be Thou mine, I am Thine own,

Here and ever Thine alone,

All my hope in Thee I place;

Heaven and earth are nought to me,

Save, O Life of life, with Thee!

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