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The Life of Faith

The Christian's Joy.


Ach mein Herr Jesu dein Naheseyn

Christian Gregor. 1778.

Oh dearest Lord! to feel that Thou art near

Brings deepest peace, and hushes every fear;

To see Thy smile, to hear Thy gracious voice,

Makes soul and body inwardly rejoice

With praise and thanks.

We cannot see as yet Thy glorious face,

Not yet our eyes behold its love and grace,

But Thee our inmost soul can surely feel,

Oh clearly, Lord, canst Thou Thyself reveal,

Though all unseen!

Oh well for him who ever day and night

Still only seeks to feed on Thee aright!


In him a well of joy for ever springs,

And, all day long his heart is glad and sings:

Who is like Thee?

For Thou dost love to meet us as a Friend,

Our comfort, healing, hope, and joy to send;

Patient to pity and to calm our woe,

And daily to forgive us all we owe,

Of Thy rich grace.

Or though we weep soon bid our tears to cease,

And make us feel how strong Thy love and peace;

And let the soul see Thee within, and learn

From need and love alike to Thee to turn

With ceaseless gaze.

A warm and loving heart, a childlike mind,

Through every change mayst Thou within us find;

The comfort of Thy holy sorrows keep

Our hearts at rest, in peace most calm and deep,

In joy or woe!

So shall we all, until Thy heaven we see,

Like children evermore be glad in Thee,

Though many a time the sudden tear may start,--

If only Thou wilt touch the throbbing heart

And still its pain!

Thou reachest down to us Thy wounded hand,

And at Thy cross, dear Lord, ashamed we stand,

Remembering all Thy truth through weal and woe,

Until our eyes with tears must overflow

Of thanks and praise.

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