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The Life of Faith

Faith that worketh by Love.


Wer hält nicht Gottes Wort doch spricht

C. F. Gellert. 1757.

Who keepeth not God's word, yet saith,

I know the Lord, is wrong;

In him is not that blessed faith

Through which the truth is strong;

But he who hears and keeps the word,

Is not of this world, but of God.

The faith His word hath caused to shine

Will kindle love in thee;

More wouldst thou know of things divine,

Deeper thy love must be;

True faith not only gives thee light,

But strength to love and do the right.

Jesus hath wash'd away our sin,

And we are children now;


Who feels such hope as this within,

To evil cannot bow;

Rather with Christ all scorn endure,

So we be like our Maker pure!

For he doth please the Father well

Who simply can obey;

In him the love of God doth dwell

Who steadfast keeps His way;

A daily active life of love,

Such fruits a living faith must prove.

He is in God, and God in him,

Who still abides in love;

'Tis love that makes the Cherubim

Obey and praise above;

For God is love, the loveless heart

Hath in His life and joy no part.

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