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Renewal of the Vow.


Ich bin getauft auf deinen Namen

Rambach. 1720.

I am baptized into Thy name,

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

Among Thy seed a place I claim,

Among Thy consecrated host;

Buried with Christ, and dead to sin,

Thy Spirit now shall live within.

My loving Father, here dost Thou

Proclaim me as Thy child and heir;

Thou faithful Saviour bidd'st me now

The fruit of all Thy sorrows share;

Thou Holy Ghost wilt comfort me

When darkest clouds around I see.

And I have promised fear and love,

And to obey Thee, Lord, alone;

I felt Thy Spirit in me move,

And dared to pledge myself Thine own,

Renouncing sin to keep the faith,

And war with evil to the death.

My faithful God, upon Thy side

This covenant standeth fast for aye,

If I tranfgress through fear or pride,

O cast me therefore not away,


If I have sore my soul defiled,

Yet still forgive, restore Thy child.

I bring Thee here, my God, anew

Of all I am or have the whole,

Quicken my life, and make me true,

Take full possession of my soul,

Let nought within me, nought I own,

Serve any will but Thine alone.

Hence Prince of darkness, hence my foe!

Another Lord hath purchased me!

My conscience tells of sin, yet know,

Baptized in Christ I fear not thee!

Away vain World, Sin, leave me now,

I turn from you; God hears my vow.

And never let me waver more,

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Till at Thy will this life is o'er

Still keep me in Thy faithful host,

So unto Thee I live and die

And praise Thee evermore on high.

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