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The Whole World restored in Christ.


Ich sage jedem dass Er lebt

Novalis. 1772-1801.

I say to all men, far and near,

That He is risen again;

That He is with us now and here,

And ever shall remain.

And what I say, let each this morn

Go tell it to his friend,

That soon in every place shall dawn

His kingdom without end.

Now first to souls who thus awake

Seems earth a fatherland,

A new and endless life they take

With rapture from His hand.

The fears of death and of the grave

Are whelm'd beneath the sea,

And every heart now light and brave

May face the things to be.

The way of darkness that He trod

To Heaven at last shall come,

And he who hearkens to His word

Shall reach His Father's home.


Now let the mourner grieve no more,

Though his beloved sleep,

A happier meeting shall restore

Their light to eyes that weep.

Now every heart each noble deed

With new resolve may dare,

A glorious harvest shall the seed

In brighter regions bear.

He lives, His presence hath not ceased,

Though foes and fears be rife;

And thus we hail in Easter's feast

A world renew'd to life!

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