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(Index of Tunes, LXXXII.)


Tune.--"Lord Jesus Christ, my Life, my Light."

Sheet Music

Hinunter ist der Sonnenschein

N. Hermann, 1560

The happy sunshine all is gone,

The gloomy night comes swiftly on;

But shine Thou still, O Christ our Light,

Nor let us lose ourselves in night.

We thank Thee, Father, that this day

Thy angels watch'd around our way,

And free from harm and vexing fear,

Have led us on in safety here.

Lord, have we anger'd Thee to-day,

Remember not our sins, we pray,

But let Thy mercy o'er them sweep,

And give us calm and restful sleep.

Thy angels guard our sleeping hours,

And keep afar all evil Powers;

And Thou all pain and mischief ward

From soul and body, faithful Lord!

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