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Love to the Saviour

(XXXV.--"Herr Christ, der einig' Gott's Sohn.")


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Herr Christ, der einig' Gotts Sohn

Eliz. Creutziger, 1524

O Thou, of God the Father

The true Eternal Son,

Of thom 'tis surely written

That Thou with Him art one;

Thou art the bright and Morning Star,

Behond all other radiance

Thy glory streams afar.

O let us in Thy knowledge

And in Thy love increase,

That we in faith be steadfast

And serve Thee here in peace;

That so Thy sweetness may be known

To these cold hearts, and teach them

To thirst for Thee alone.

Maker of all! Who showest

The Father's love and might,

In heaven and earth Thou reignest

Of Thine own power and right;

So rule our hearts and minds, that we

Be wholly Thine, and never

May turn aside from Thee!

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