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Love to the Saviour

(Index of Tunes, LXVII.)


Tune.--"Light of Light, enlighten me."

Sheet Music

Guter Hirte, willst du nicht

Scheffler, 1657

Loving Shepherd, kind and true,

Wilt Thou not in pity hear me?

Seek Thy Lamb as shepherds to,

In Thy bosom gently bear me;

Take me hence from earth's annoy

To Thy home of endless joy.

See how in this wilderness

Lost amid its wastes I wander;

Take me hence to dwell in bliss

With the flock who, gather'd yonder,

Now Thy glory, Lord, behold,

Safe within the heavenly fold.

For I fain would gaze on Thee,

With the lambs, to whom 't is given

That they feed from danger free

In the happy field of heaven,

Praising Thee, all terrors o'er,

Never can they leave Thee more.

Here I live in sore distress,

Watching, fearing hour by hour,

For my foes around me press,

And I know their craft and power;

Lord, Thy lamb can never be

Safe one moment but with Thee.

Then, Lord Jesus, let me not

Fall amid the wolves, but bear me,

As the faithful shepherd ought;

Help me, keep me ever near Thee,

Till Thou bear me in Thy breast

Homeward to my endless rest.

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