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Christian Faith and Resolve

(Index of Tunes, XCVII.)


Tune.--"Not in anger, Mighty God."

Sheet Music

Mache dich, mein Geist, bereit

Freystein, 1697

Rise, my soul, to watch and pray,

From thy sleep awake thee,

Lest at last the evil day

Suddenly o'ertake thee;

For the foe,

Well we know,

Oft his harvest reapeth

While the Christian sleepeth.

Wake and watch, or else thy night

Christ can ne'er enlighten;

For off still will seem the light

That thy path should brighten;

God demands

Willing hands,

Hearts His love confessing,--

Such He fills with blessing.

Watch against the world that frowns

Darkly to dismay thee;

Watch, when she thy wishes crowns,

Smiling to betray thee;

Watch and see

Thou art free

From false friends that charm thee,

While they seek to harm thee.

Watch against thyself, my soul,

See thou do not stifle

Grace that should thy thoughts control,

Nor with mercy trifle

Pride and sin

Lurk within,

All thy hopes to scatter;

List not, when they flatter.

But while watching, also see

That thou pray unceasing,

For the Lord must make thee free,

Strength and faith increasing,

So to do

Service true;

Let not sloth enslave thee,

Pray, and He will save thee.

Courage then, for He will give

All that we are needing,

Through the Son, in whom we live,

Who for us is pleading.

Day by day

Watch and pray,

While the tempests lower,

Till He comes with power.

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