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(Index of Tunes, XL.)


Tune.--"Ah wounded Head!"

Sheet Music

Hier lieg' ich, Herr, im Staube

Drewes, 1797

My God, behold me lying

Before Thee in the dust;

Where are my hopes undying?

Where is my joyous trust?

Bright hours I spend gladhearted

Ere of Thy light bereft;

Ah, all hath now departed,

My pain alone is left.

I see the threatening danger,

And shrink in sore alarm,

As were I yet a stranger

To Thy protecting arm

As though the woes that grieve me

To Thee were all unknown;

Nor Thou wouldst then relieve me

When other aid is gone.

O Father, look upon me,

So tried within, without;

With pitying grace look on me,

Forgive my faithless doubt;

My heart for grief doth languish,

Thou seest it, my God!

O soothe my conscience' anguish,

Lift off my sorrows' load.

I know Thy thoughts are ever

Of peace and love towards me,

Thy purpose changes never,

Could I but build on Thee:

That Thou fulfillest surely

Thy promises, dear Lord,

Here I tall stand securely,

My life is in Thy Word.

Then let thy faith be stronger,

My soul, shake off thy fears;

Thou soon shalt weep no longer

Though bitter now thy tears;

Thy Saviour's love hath found thee,

He comes, He comes at last;

His light is breaking round thee,

The clouds and storms are past!

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