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The Church on Earth

(Index of Tunes, IV.)


Tune.--"What shall I, a sinner, do?"

Sheet Music

Jesu, der du bist allein

P. Flemming, 1631

Jesus, whom Thy Church doth own

As her Head and King alone,

Bless me Thy poor member too;

And Thy Spirit's influence give

That to Thee henceforth I live,

Daily Thou my strength renew.

Let Thy living Spirit flow

Through Thy members all below,

With its warmth and power divine;

Scatter'd far apart they dwell,

Yet in every land, full well,

Lord, Thou knowest who is Thine.

Those who serve Thee I would serve,

Never from their union swerve,

Here I cry before Thy face,--

"Zion, God give thee good speed,

Christ thy footsteps ever lead,

Make thee steadfast in His ways!"

Those o'er whom Thy billows roll

Strengthen Thou to leave their soul

In Thy hands, for Thou art Love;

Make them through their bitter pain

Pure from pride and sinful stain,

Fix their hopes and hearts above.

And from those I love, I pray,

Turn not, Lord, Thy face away,

Hear me while for them I plead;

Be Thou their Eternal Friend,

Unto each due blessing send,

For Thou knowest all they need.

Ah Lord, at this gracious hour

Visit all our fouls with power;

Let Thy gladness in them shine;

Draw them with Thy love away

From vain pleasures of a day,

Make them wholly ever Thine.

Dearly were we purchased, Lord,

When Thy blood for us was pour'd;

Think, O Christ, we are Thine own:

Hold me, guide me, as a child,

Through the battle, through the wild,

Leave me never more alone,

Till at last I meet on high

With the faithful host who cry

Hallelujah night and day;

Pure from stain we there shall see

Thee in us, and us in Thee,

And be one in Thee for aye.

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