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(Index of Tunes, XV.)


Tune.--"My life is hid in Jesus."

Sheet Music

Zeuch uns nach dir

Ludämilia Elisabeth, Countess of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt7, 1687

Draw us to Thee, Lord Jesus,

And we will hasten on;

For strong desire doth seize us

To go where Thou art gone.

Draw us to Thee; enlighten

These hearts to find Thy way,

That else the tempests frighten,

Or pleasures lure astray.

Draw us to Thee; and teach us

Even now that rest to find,

Where turmoils cannot reach us,

Nor cares weigh down the mind.

Draw us to Thee; nor leave us

Till all our path is trod,

Then in Thine arms receive us,

And bear us home to God.

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