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(XCVII.--"Straf' mich nicht in deinem Zorn.")


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Straf' mich nicht in deinem Zorn

Albinus, 1652

Not in anger, mighty God,

Not in anger smite us;

We must perish if Thy rod

Justly should requite us.

We are nought,

Sin hath brought,

Lord, thy wrath upon us,

Yet have mercy on us!

Show me now a Father's love,

And His tender patience,

Heal my wounded soul, remove

These too sore temptations!

I am weak,

Father, speak

Thou of peace and gladness,

Comfort Thou my sadness.

Weary am I of my pain,

Weary with my sorrow,

Sighing still for help in vain,

Longing for the morrow;

Why wilt Thou

Tarry now?

Wilt Thou friendless leave me,

And of hope bereave me?

Hence, ye foes! He comes in grace,

God hath deign'd to hear me;

I may come before His face,

He is inly near me;

He o'erthrows

All my foes,

Death and hell are vanquish'd

In Whose bonds I languish'd.

Father, hymns to Thee we raise,

Here and once in heaven!

And the Son and spirit praise,

Who our bonds have riven;


We adore

Thee whose grace hath stirr'd us,

And whose pity heard us.

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