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For the Sick and Dying

(LXXXII.--"O Jesu Christ, mein Lebenslicht.")


Original Tune.

Sheet Music

Herr Jesu Christ mein Lebens Licht

O Jesu Christ, mein's Lebens Licht

M. Behemb, 1606

Lord Jesus Christ, my Life, my Light,

My strength by day, my trust by night,

On earth I'm but a passing guest,

And sorely with my sins oppress'd.

Far off I see my fatherland,

Where through Thy grace I hope to stand,

But ere I reach that Paradise

A weary way before me lies.

My heart sinks at the journey's length,

My wasted flesh has little strength,

Only my soul still cries in me,

Lord, fetch me home, take me to Thee!

Oh let Thy sufferings give me power

To meet the last and darkest hour;

Thy cross the staff whereon I lean,

My couch the grave where Thou hast been.

Since Thou hast died, the Pure, the Just,

I take my homeward way in trust,

The gates of heaven, Lord, open wide,

When here I may no more abide.

And when the last great Day is come,

And Thou our Judge shalt speak the doom,

Let me with joy behold the light,

And set me then upon Thy right.

Renew this wasted flesh of mine,

That like the sun it there may shine,

Among the angels pure and bright,

Yea, like Thyself in glorious light.

Ah then I have my heart's desire,

When singing with the angels' choir,

Among the ransom'd of Thy grace,

For ever I behold Thy face!

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