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Love to the Saviour

(X.--"Auf, hinauf zu deiner Freude.")


Original Tune.

Sheet Music

Auf, hinauf zu deiner Freude

Schade, 1699

Up, yes, upward to thy gladness

Rise, my heart, and soul, and mind!

Cast, oh cast away thy sadness,

Rise where thou thy Lord canst find.

He is thy home,

And thy life alone is He;

Hath the world no place for thee,

With Him is room.

On, still onward, mounting nigher

On the wings of faith to Him;

On, still onward, ever higher,

Till the mournful earth grows dim!

God is thy Rock;

Christ thy Champion cannot fail,

Though thy foes thy life assail,

Fear not their shock.

Hide thee, in His chamber bide thee,

Christ hath open'd now the door;

Tell Him all that doth betide thee,

All thy sorrows there outpour;

He hears thy cry;

Men may hate thee and deceive,

Christ His own will never leave,

He still is nigh.

High, oh high, o'er all things earthy,

Raise thy thoughts, my soul, to heaven;

One alone of thee is worthy,

All thou hast to Him be given,

Thy Lord He is

Who so truly pleads for thee,

Who in love hath died for thee;

Then thou art His.

Up then, upwards! seek thou only

For the things that are above;

Sin thou hatest, earth is lonely,

Rise to Him whom thou dost love,--

There art thou blest;

All things here must change and die,

Only with our Lord on high

Is perfect rest.

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