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Christian Faith and Resolve

(Index of Tunes, IV.)


Tune.--"What shall I, a sinner, do?"

Sheet Music

Nun so will ich denn mein Leben

Tersteegen, 1731

Now at last I end this strife,

To my God I give my life

Wholly, with a steadfast mind;

Sin I will not hearken more,

World, I turn from thee, 'tis o'er;

Not a look I'll cast behind.

Hath my heart been wavering long,

Have I dallied oft with wrong,

Now at last I firmly say,--

All my will to this I give,

Only to my God to live,

And to serve Him night and day.

Lord, I offer at Thy feet

All I have most dear and sweet,

Lo! I keep no secret hoard;

Try my heart, and lurks there aught

False within its inmost thought,

Take it hence this moment, Lord!

I will shun no toil or wo,

Where Thou leadest I will go,

Be my pathway plain or rough;

If but every hour may be

Spent in work that pleases Thee,

Ah, dear Lord, it is enough!

Thee I make my choice alone,

Make for ever, Lord, Thine own

All my powers of soul and mind;

Here I give myself away,

Let the cov'nant stand for aye

That my hand to-day hath sign'd.

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