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(Index of Tunes, XVII.)


Tune.--"When on the cross the Savious hung."

Sheet Music

Ich weiss, mein Gott, dass all mein Thun

P. Gerhardt, 1656

I know, my God, and I rejoice

That on Thy righteous will and choice

All human works and schemes must rest;

Success and blessing are of Thee,

What Thou shalt send is surely best!

It stands not in the power of man

To bring to pass the wisest plan

So surely that it cannot fail;

Thy counsel, Highest, must ensure

That our poor wisdom shall avail.

A man oft thinks within his breast

That lot for him were surely best,

This, that his Father may ordain,

Were hurtful;--yet, behold, it proves

This is his blessing, that his bane.

Then, O my Father, hear my cry,

Grant me true judgment from on high,

On my own will I would not build;

Be Thou my Friend and Counsellor,

So what is best shall be fulfilled.

And if this work be Thine, oh bless

Our poor weak efforts with success;

If not, deny it, change our mind,--

Whate'er Thou workest not will soon

Disperse like sand before the wind.

Grant us what is our truest good,

And not what pleases flesh and blood;

Our inmost spirits do Thou prove,

Our highest aim, our best delight,

Shall be Thy glory and Thy love.

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