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(LXXXI.--"O Gott, du frommer Gott.")


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O Gott, du frommer Gott

J. Heermann, 1630

O God, Thou faithful God,

Thou Fountain ever flowing,

Without whom nothing is,

All perfect gifts bestowing;

A pure and healthy fram

O give me, and within

A conscience free from blame,

A soul unhurt by sin.

And grant me, Lord, to do,

With ready heart and willing,

Whate'er Thou shalt command,

My calling here fulfilling,

And do it when I ought,

With all my strength, and bless

The work I thus have wrought,

For Thou must give success.

And let me promise nought

But I can keep it truly,

Abstain from idle words,

And guard my lips still duly;

And grant, when in my place

I must and ought to speak,

My words due power and grace,

Nor let me wound the weak.

If dangers gather round,

Still keep me calm and fearless;

Help me to bear the cross

When life is dark and cheerless;

To overcome my foe

With words and actions kind;

When counsel I would know,

Good counsel let me find.

And let me be with all

In peace and friendship living,

As far as Christians may.

And if Thou aught art giving

Of wealth and honours fair,

Oh this refuse me not,

That nought be mingled there

Of goods unjustly got.

And if a longer life

Be here on earth decreed me,

And Thou through many a strife

To age at last wilt lead me,

Thy patience in me shed,

Avert all sin and shame,

And crown my hoary head

With pure untarnish'd fame.

Let nothing that may chance,

Me from my Saviour sever;

And dying with Him, take

My soul to Thee for ever;

And let my body have

A little apace to sleep

Beside my fathers' grave,

And friends that o'er it weep.

And when the Day is come,

And all the dead are waking,

Oh reach me down Thy hand,

Thyself my slumbers breaking;

Then let me hear Thy voices

And change this earthly frame,

And bid me aye rejoice

With those who love Thy name.

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