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Ember Weeks

(Index of Tunes, XXIII.)


Tune.--"Jehovah, let me now adore Thee."

Sheet Music

Wach auf, du Geist der ersten Zeugen

Bogatsky, 1727

Wake, Spirit, who in times now olden

Didst fire the watchmen of the Church's youth,

And against ev'ry foe embolden,

To witness day and night th'eternal truth,

Whose voices through the world are ringing still,

And bringing hosts to know and do Thy will:

Soon may that fire from heaven be lent us,

That swift from land to land its flame may leap!

Soon, Lord, that, priceless boon be sent us

Of faithful servants, fit for Thee to reap

The hnrvest of tho soul,--look down nnd view

How great the harvest, but the labourers few.

Lord, to our earnest prayer now hearken,

The prayer we offer at Thy Son's command,

For, lo! while storms around us darken,

Thy children's hearts are stirr'd in every land,

To cry for help, with fervent soul, to Thee;

O hear us, Lord, and speak: "Thus let it be!"

Oh speedily that help be granted!

Send forth evangelists, in spirit strong,

Arm'd with Thy Word, a host undaunted,

Bold to attack the rule of ancient wrong,

And let them all the earth for Thee reclaim,

To be Thy kingdom and to know Thy name!

Grant that for which Thy people calleth!

Send down Thy promised Spirit, Lord, in might,

Before whom every barrier falleth,

And let it thus at evening-time be light;

Oh rend the heavens, and make Thy presence felt,

The chains that bind us at Thy touch would melt.

Let Zion's paths lie waste no longer,

Remove the hindrances that there have lain,

And let Thy Word go forth to conquer;

Destroy false doctrine, root out notions vain,

Set free from hirelings, let the Church and school

Bloom as a garden 'neath thy prospering rule.

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