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Saints' Days

(Index of Tunes, XCVIII.)


Tune.--"Open now Thy gates of beauty."

Sheet Music

Wer sind die vor Gottes Throne

Schenck, died 1727

Who are those that, fare before me,

Round the throne of God I see,

Shining as the stars in glory,

Crown'd with light and purity?

Hallelujahs, hark! they sing,

Solemn praise to God they bring.

Who are those array'd in brightness,

Clothed in righteousness divine,

Wearing robes of dazzling whiteness,

That unstain'd shall ever shine,

And can never more decay,--

Whence came all this fair array?

They are those whose hearts were riven

Here with sorrow, grief, and care,

Who by day and night have striven

With the mighty God in prayer;

Now their warfare finds its close,

God hath ended all their woes.

They are those who, daily serving

Here as priests before their Lord,

Offer'd up with faith unswerving

Soul and body at His word;

Now within the Holy place

They behold Him face to face.

As the hunted hart hath panted

For the river fresh and clear,

So their hearts with longing fainted

For the Living Fountain here.

Now their thirst is quench'd, they dwell

With the Lord they loved so well.

I too stretch my hands with longing

Thither, Jesus, day by day,

While my foes are round me thronging,

In Thy house on earth I pray,--

Let me sink not in the war,

Drive for me my foes afar.

Thus, O Lord, in earth and heaven

With Thy servants cast my lot,

Let my sins be all forgiven,

In my need forsake me not;

Near the throne where Thou dost shine

May a place at last be mine!

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