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(XXVIII.--"Erschienen ist der herrlich' Tag.")


Sheet Music

Frühmorgens da sie Sonn' aufgeht

J. Heermann, 1630

Ere yet the dawn hath fill'd the skies

Behold my Saviour Christ arise,

He chaseth from us sin and night,

And brings us joy and life and light.


O stronger Thou than Death and Hell,

Where is the foe Thou canst not quell?

What heavy stone Thou canst not roll

From off the prison'd anguish'd soul?


If Jesus lives, can I be sad?

I know He loves me, and am glad;

Though all the world were dead to me,

Enough, O Christ, if I have Thee!


He feeds me, comforts and defends,

And when I die His angel sends

To bear me whither He is gone,

For of His own He loseth none.


No more to fear or grief I bow,

God and the angels love me now;

The joys prepared for me to-day

Drive fear and mourning far away;


Strong Champion! For this comfort see

The whole world brings her thanks to Thee;

And once we too shall raise above

More sweet and loud the song we love!


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