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Passion Week

(Index of Tunes, XXXV.)


Tune.--"O Thou, of God the Father."

Sheet Music

Wenn meine Sünd' mich kränken

Gesenius, 1646

When o'er my sins I sorrow,

Lord, I will look to Thee,

And hence my comfort borrow,

That Thou wast slain for me!

Yea, Lord, Thy precious blood was spilt

For me, O most unworthy,

To take away my guilt.

Then let Thy woes, Thy patience,

My heart with strength inspire

To vanquish all temptations,

And spurn all low desire;

This thought I fain would cherish most--

What pain my soul's redemption

To Thee, O Saviour, cost!

Whate'er may be the burden,

The cross here on me laid;

Be shame or want my guerdon,

I'll bear it with Thine aid;

Give patience, give me strength to take

Thee for my bright example,

And all the world forsake.

And let me do to others

As Thou hast done to me,

Love all men as my brothers,

And serve them willingly,

With ready heart, nor seek my own,

But as Thou, Lord, hast help'd us,

From purest love alone.

And let Thy cross upbear me

With strength, when I depart;

Tell me that nought can tear me

From my Redeemer's heart,

But since my trust is in Thy grace

Thou wilt accept me yonder,

Where I shall see Thy face!

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