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(LXXXVII.--Psalm 8, Goudimel.)


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Hier lieg' ich nun, mein Gott, zu deinen Füssen

Raiszner, 1678

Am I on earth alone and friendless stranger?

When shall these days be past of fear and danger,

When shall I find some respite, some relief,

From this unsleeping pain, this haunting grief?

The joyful sun may bring another morning,

I wake to care, to conscience' voice of warning;

The soft moon comes with silent night and sleep,

And bringeth nought to me but time to weep.

My heart and soul faint, smitten by Thine arrow,

Keen as a fire that pierceth to the marrow;

From morn to eventide where'er I flee

I find no hiding-place, great God, from Thee.

Vain are my prayers, vainly I weep my errors,

While Thou dost strive against me with Thy terrors;

The zeal of Thy just anger and Thy might

Have plunged my soul in blackest depths of night.

Oh that I had a dove's swift wings, I'd hie me

To some far mountain-top where none came nigh me!

Yet could I not escape His mighty hand

Before whom all things bare and open stand.

Nay, all He sends me let me suffer rather,

Though still His angry storms around me gather;

A willing heart and patient mind, O God,

I bring to Thy severe but righteous rod.

Much have I sinn'd, and utterly I perish,

If memory of my sin Thou still will cherish;

Yet, Lord of Hosts, doth not Thy Word proclaim

The Merciful is Thy most glorious name!

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