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(XLIV.--"Ich dank' Dir lieber Herre.")


Sheet Music

O König aller Ehren

M. Behemb, 1606

O Jesu, King of Glory!

Our Sov'reign and our Friend!

Thy throne is fix'd in Heaven,

Thy kingdom hath no end:

Oh now to all men, far and near,

Lord, make it known, we pray,

That as in Heaven all creatures here

May know Thee and obey.

The Eastern sages bringing

Their tribute-gifts to Thee,

Bear witness to Thy Kingdom,

And humbly how the knee;

To Thee the Morning Star doth lead,

To Thee th' inspired Word,

We hail Thee, Saviour in our need,

We worship Thee, the Lord.

Ah, look on me with pity,

Though I am weak and poor,

Admit me to Thy kingdom

To dwell there blest and sure.

Oh rescue me from all my woes,

And shield me with Thine arm

From Sin and Death, the mighty foes

That daily seek our harm.

And bid Thy Word within us

Shine as the fairest Star;

Keep sin and all false doctrine

From all Thy people far:

Let us Thy name aright confess,

And with Thy Christendom,

Our King and Saviour own and bless

Through all the world to come.

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