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Praise and Thanksgiving

(Index of Tunes, LXXVIII.)


Tune.--"Oh would, my God, that I could praise Thee."

Sheet Music

Lob sei Dir, treuer Gott und Vater

Mentzer, 1704

I praise Thee, O my God and Father,

For all I am and all I have,

The blessings that we daily gather,

Ev'n from our cradle to our grave;

For Thy rich grace hath scatter'd here

Whate'er we need to help and cheer.

I praise Thee, Saviour, whose compassion

Hath brought Thee down to succour me;

Thy pitying heart sought my salvation,

Though keenest woes were heaped on Thee,

Wrought me from bondage full release,

Made me Thine own, and gave me peace.

Thee too I praise, O Holy Spirit,

By whose deep teachings I am made

A heavenly kingdom to inherit,

Who art my Comforter, my aid;

Whate'er of good by me is done

Is of Thy grace and light alone.

And as my life is onward gliding,

With each fresh scene anew I mark

How Thou art holding me and guiding,

Where all seems troubled, strange, and dark;

When cares oppress and hopes depart,

Thy light hath never failed my heart.

Shall I not then be filled with gladness,

Shall I not praise Thee evermore?

And triumph o'er all fears and sadness,

E'en when my cup of woe runs o'er?

Though heaven and earth may pass away,

I know Thy word stands fast for aye.

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