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Seraphic Love

Altered from Mr. Norris.8989See his “Miscellanies,” ed. 1717, p.17. Both this and the following poem found a place in “A Collection of Psalms and Hymns,” 1738.

Away, vain world! my heart resign;

For I can be no longer thine:

A nobler, a diviner Guest

Has took possession of my breast.

He has, and must engross it all;

And yet the room is still too small.

In vain you tempt my heart to rove;

A fairer Object claims my love.

At last (alas, how late!) I’ve seen

One lovelier than the sons of men:

The fairest of ten thousand He,

Proportion all, and harmony.

All mortal beauty’s but a ray

Of His bright ever-shining day:

All before Thee must disappear,

Thou only Good, Thou only Fair.

To Thee my longing soul aspires

With holy breathings, warm desires:

To Thee my panting heart does move!

O, pierce, fill, melt it with Thy love!

How do Thy glorious streams of light,

Even through this veil, refresh my sight!

When shall my prison’d soul be free,

And find light, life, love, heaven in Thee!

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