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Praise for Redemption

From the German.8888Compare “Sey hochgelobt barmherz’ger Gott,” by L. A. Cotter. (1661–1735.) Herrn. Coll., No. 25. Knapp, E. L., p.118.

High praise to Thee, all-gracious God!

Unceasing praise to Thee we pay;

Naked and wallowing in our blood,

Unpitied, loathed of all we lay.

Thou saw’st, and from the eternal throne

Gav’st us Thy dear, Thy only Son.

Through Thy rich grace, in Jesu’s blood

Blessing, redemption, life we find.

Our souls wash’d in this cleansing flood,

No stain of guilt remains behind.

Who can Thy mercy’s stores express?

Unfathomable, numberless!

Now Christ in us doth live, and we,

Father, through Him with Thee are one:

The banner of His love we see,

And fearless grasp the starry crown.

Unutterable peace we feel

In Him, and joys unspeakable.

Now hast Thou given us, through Thy Son,

The power of living faith to see;

Unconquerable faith, alone

That gains o’er all the victory;

Faith which nor earth nor hell can move,

Unblamable in perfect love.

Fully Thy quickening Spirit impart,

Thou who hast all our sins forgiven;

O, form the Saviour in my heart;

Seal of Thy love, and Pledge of heaven.

For ever be His name impress’d

Both on my hand and on my breast.

Thine is whate’er we are: Thy grace

In Christ created us anew,

To sing Thy never-ceasing praise,

Thy unexhausted love to show;

And, arm’d with Thy great Spirit’s aid,

Blameless in all Thy paths to tread.

Yea, Father, ours through Him Thou art,

For so is Thy eternal will!

O, live, move, reign within my heart,

My soul with all Thy fulness fill:

My heart, my all I yield to Thee:

Jesus be all in all to me!

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