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Hymn to Christ the Prophet

Prophet, on earth bestow’d,

A Teacher sent from God,

Thee we welcome from above;

Sent the Father to reveal,

Sent to manifest His love,

Sent to teach His perfect will.

Thee all the seers of old

Prefigured and foretold:

Moses Thee the Prophet show’d,

Meek and lowly as Thou art,

Abraham, the friend of God,

David, after His own heart.

The lesser stars that shone,

Till Thy great course begun,

With imparted lustre bright,

Render’d back their borrow’d ray,

Pointing to Thy perfect light,

Ushering in Thy glorious day.

Light of the world below,

Thee all mankind may know;

Thou, the universal Friend,

Into every soul hast shone:

O that all would comprehend,

All adore the rising Sun!

Thy cheering beams we bless,

Bright Sun of Righteousness;

Life and immortality

Thou alone to light hast brought,

Bid the new creation be,

Call’d the world of grace from nought.

Image of God Most High

Display’ d to mortal eye,

Thee the patriarchs beheld,

Thee the Angel they adored,

Oft in diverse ways reveal’d

Christ the everlasting Lord.

Thy Godhead we revere,

Wonderful Counsellor!

Thou the Father’s Wisdom art;

Great Apostle, Thee we praise;

Chose Thy people to convert,

Jacob’s fallen tribes to raise.

The Gentiles too may see

Their covenant in Thee;

Opener of their blinded eyes,

Thee the gracious Father gave:

Rise on all, in glory rise,

Save a world Thou cam’st to save.

For this the heavenly Dove

Descended from above;

He, immeasurably shed,

Christ the Prophet mark’d and seal’d;

Pour’d upon Thy sacred head,

Thee the Anointing Spirit fill’d.

Ah, give us, Lord, to know

Thy office here below:

Preach deliverance to the poor;

Sent for this, O Christ, Thou art:

Jesu, all our sickness cure;

Bind Thou up the broken heart.

Publish the joyful year

Of God’s acceptance near;

Preach glad tidings to the meek,

Liberty to spirits bound;

General, free redemption speak;

Spread through earth the Gospel-sound.

Humbly, behold, we sit,

And listen at Thy feet;

Never will we hence remove;

Lo! to Thee our souls we bow:

Tell us of the Father’s love;

Speak; for, Lord, we hear Thee now.

Master, to us reveal

His acceptable will:

Ever for Thy law we wait;

Write it in our inward parts,

Our dark minds illuminate,

Grave Thy kindness on our hearts.

Thine be the choicest store

Of blessings evermore!

Thee we hear, on Thee we gaze,

Fairer than the sons of men:

Who can see that lovely face,

Who can hear those words in vain?

Spirit they are, and life,

They end the sinner’s strife:

God they show benign and mild;

Glory be to God on high!

Now we know Him reconciled,

Now we, “Abba, Father,” cry!

Thou art the Truth, the Way:

O, teach us how to pray!

Worship spiritual and true

Still instruct us how to give;

Let us pay the service due,

Let us to God’s glory live.

Holy and true, the key

Of David rests on Thee.

Come, Messias, all things tell,

Make us to salvation wise,

Shut the gates of death and hell,

Open, open paradise.

Servant of God, confess

His truth and faithfulness;

God, the gracious God proclaim,

Publish Him through earth abroad;

Let the Gentiles know Thy name,

Let us all be taught of God.

Witness, within us place

The Spirit of His grace;

Teach us inwardly, and guide

By an unction from above;

Let it in our hearts abide,

Source of light, and life, and love.

Pronounce our happy doom,

And show us things to come:

All the depths of love display,

All the mystery unfold;

Speak us seal’d to Thy great day,

In the Book of Life enroll’d.

Shepherd, securely keep

Thy little flock of sheep;

Call’d and gather’d into one,

Feed us, in green pastures feed,

Make us quietly lie down,

By the streams of comfort lead.

Thou, even Thou art He

Whom pain and sorrow flee:

Comforter of all that mourn,

Let us by Thy guidance come,

Crown’d with endless joy return

To our everlasting home.

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