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At Lying Down

How do Thy mercies close me round!

For ever be Thy name adored!

I blush in all things to abound;

The servant is above his Lord.

Inured to poverty and pain,

A suffering life my Master led;

The Son of God, the Son of Man,

He had not where to lay His head.

But, lo! a place He hath prepared

For me, whom watchful angels keep;

Nay, He Himself becomes my Guard,

He smooths my bed, and gives me sleep.

Jesus protects; my fears, be gone!

What can the Rock of Ages move?

Safe in Thy arms I lay me down,

Thy everlasting arms of love!

While Thou art intimately nigh,

Who, who shall violate my rest?

Sin, earth, and hell I now defy;

I lean upon my Saviour’s breast.

I rest beneath the Almighty’s shade;

My griefs expire, my troubles cease;

Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stay’d,

Wilt keep me still in perfect peace.

Me for Thine own Thou lov’st to take,

In time and in eternity;

Thou never, never wilt forsake

A helpless worm that trusts in Thee.

Wherefore in confidence I close

My eyes, for Thine are open still;

My spirit, lull’d in calm repose,

Waits for the counsels of Thy will.

After Thy likeness let me rise,

If here Thou will’st my longer stay;

Or close in mortal sleep my eyes,

To open them in endless day.

Still let me run, or end my race;

I cannot choose, I all resign;

Contract or lengthen out my days;

Come life, come death; for Christ is mine.

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