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To be Sung at Meals

Come, let us lengthen out the feast,

To thankfulness improve;

God in His gifts delight to taste,

And pay them back in love.

His Providence supplies our needs,

And life and strength imparts;

His open hand our bodies feeds,

And fills with joy our hearts.

But will He not our souls sustain,

And nourish with His grace?

Yes; for Thou wilt not say in vain,

“My people, seek My face.”

See, then, we take Thee at Thy word,

With confidence draw nigh;

We claim, and of Thy Spirit, Lord,

Expect a fresh supply.

The sinner, when he comes to Thee,

His fond pursuits gives o’er;

From nature’s sickly cravings free,

He pines for earth no more.

Lord, we believe; and taste Thee good,

Thee all-sufficient own,

And hunger after heavenly food,

And thirst for God alone.

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