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Part 1

Father, Son, and Spirit, hear

Faith’s effectual fervent prayer,

Hear, and our petitions seal;

Let us now the answer feel.

Mystically one with Thee,

Transcript of the Trinity,

Thee let all our nature own

One in Three, and Three in One.

If we now begin to be

Partners with Thy saints and Thee;

If we have our sins forgiven,

Fellow-citizens of heaven;

Still the fellowship increase,

Knit us in the bond of peace;

Join our new-born spirits, join

Each to each, and all to Thine.

Build us in one body up,

Call’d in one high calling’s hope;

One the Spirit whom we claim;

One the pure baptismal flame;

One the faith, and common Lord;

One the Father lives, adored,

Over, through, and in us all,

God Incomprehensible.

One with God, the Source of bliss.

Ground of our communion this:

Life of all that live below,

Let Thy emanations flow;

Rise eternal in our heart:

Thou our only Eden art;

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Be to us what Adam lost.

Bold we ask through Christ the Son;

Thou, O Christ, art all our own;

Our exalted flesh we see

To the Godhead join’d in Thee:

Glorious now Thy heaven we share,

Thou art here, and we are there;

We participate of Thine,

Human nature of Divine.

Live we now in Christ our Head,

Quicken’d by Thy life, and fed;

Christ, from whom the Spirit flows,

Into Thee Thy body grows;

While we feel the vital blood,

While the circulating flood,

Christ, through every member rolls,

Soul of all believing souls.

Daily growth the members find,

Fitly each with other join’d;

Closely all compacted rise;

Every joint its strength supplies,

Life to every part conveys,

Till the whole receive increase,

All complete the body prove,

Perfectly built up in love.

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