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“Little Children, Love One Another”

Giver of concord, Prince of peace,

Meek, lamb-like Son of God,

Bid our unruly passions cease;

O, quench them with Thy blood!

Rebuke the seas, the tempest chide,

Our stubborn wills control,

Beat down our wrath, root out our pride,

And calm our troubled soul.

Subdue in us the carnal mind,

Its enmity destroy;

With cords of love the old Adam bind,

And melt him into joy.

Us into closest union draw,

And in our inward parts

Let kindness sweetly write her law,

Let love command our hearts.

O, let Thy love our hearts constrain!

Jesus the Crucified,

What hast Thou done our hearts to gain!

Languish’d, and groan’d, and died!

Who would not now pursue the way

Where Jesu’s footsteps shine?

Who would not own the pleasing sway

Of charity Divine?

Saviour, look down with pitying eyes,

Our jarring wills control;

Let cordial, kind affections rise,

And harmonise the soul.

Thee let us feel benignly near.

With all Thy quickening powers;

The sounding of Thy bowels hear,

And answer Thee with ours.

O, let us find the ancient way

Our wondering foes to move,

And force the heathen world to say,

“See how these Christians love!”

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