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For a Minister

Ah, my dear Master! can it be

That I should lose by serving Thee?

In seeking souls should lose my own,

And others save, myself undone?

Yet am I lost, (shouldst Thou depart,)

Betray’d by this deceitful heart;

Destroy’d, if Thou my labour bless,

And ruin’d by my own success.

Hide me! If Thou refuse to hide,

I fall a sacrifice to pride:

I cannot shun the fowler’s snare,

The fiery test I cannot bear.

Helpless to Thee for aid I cry,

Unable to resist or fly:

I must not, Lord, the task decline,

For all I have and am is Thine.

And well Thou know’st I did not seek,

Uncall’d of God, for God to speak:

The dreadful charge I sought to flee;

“Send whom Thou wilt, but send not me.”

Long did my coward flesh delay,

And still I tremble to obey;

“Thy will be done,” I faintly cry,

“But rather—suffer me to die.”

Ah! rescue me from earth and sin,

Fightings without, and fears within;

More, more than hell myself I dread

Ah! cover my defenceless head!

Surely Thou wilt. Thou canst not send,

And not my helpless soul defend;

Call me to stand in danger’s hour,

And not support me with Thy power.

Lord, I believe the promise true,

“Behold, I always am with you:”

Always if Thou with me remain,

Hell, earth, and sin shall rage in vain.

Give me Thine all-sufficient grace:—

Then hurl your fiery darts of praise;

Jesus and me ye ne’er shall part,

For God is greater than my heart.

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