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To be Sung While at Work

Give we to the Lord above

Blessing, honour, praise, and love;

To the God that loosed our tongue

Sing we an unwonted song.

He to us hath come unsought,

Us hath out of darkness brought;

Darkness such as devils feel,

Issuing from the pit of hell.

Had He not in mercy spared,

Hell had been our sure reward;

There we had received our hire,

Fuel of eternal fire.

But we now extol His name,

Pluck’d as firebrands from the flame,

Proofs of His unbounded grace,

Monuments of endless praise.

We are now in Jesus found;

With His praise let earth resound,

Tell it out through all her caves,

JESU’S name the sinner saves.

With His blood He us hath bought;

His we are, who once were not;

Far, as hell from heaven, removed,

He hath call’d us His beloved.

Sing we then with one accord

Praises to our loving Lord;

Who the stone to flesh converts,

Let us give Him all our hearts.

Harder were they than the rock,

Till they felt His mercy’s stroke;

Gushing streams did then arise

From the fountains of our eyes.

Never let them cease to flow,

Since we now our Jesus know;

Let us, till we meet above,

Sing, and pray, and weep, and love.

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