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Part 5

Hebrews 12:22,23,24.

King of Saints, to whom are given

All in earth, and all in heaven,

Reconciled through Thee alone,

Join’d and gather’d into one:

Heirs of glory, sons of grace,

Lo! to Thee our hopes we raise,

Raise and fix our hopes on Thee,

Full of immortality!

Absent in our flesh from home,

We are to Mount Sion come;

Heaven is our soul’s abode,

City of the living God;

Enter’d there, our seats we claim

In the New Jerusalem,

Join the countless angel-choir,

Greet the first-born sons of fire.

We our elder brethren meet,

We are made with them to sit;

Sweetest fellowship we prove

With the general church above;—

Saints, who now their names behold

In the Book of Life enroll’d;

Spirits of the righteous, made

Perfect now in Christ their Head.

We with them to God are come,

God who speaks the general doom:

Jesus Christ, who stands between

Angry Heaven, and guilty men,

Undertakes to buy our peace,

Gives the covenant of grace;

Ratifies, and makes it good,

Signs and seals it in His blood.

Life His healing blood imparts,

Sprinkled on our peaceful hearts:

Abel’s blood for vengeance cried,

Jesu’s speaks us justified;

Speaks, and calls for better things,

Makes us prophets, priests, and kings;

Asks that we with Him may reign:

Earth and heaven say, Amen!

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