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Christ Our Wisdom

1 Corinthians 1:30.

Made unto me, O Lord, my God,

Wisdom Divine Thou art:

Thy light, which first my darkness show’d,

Still searches out my heart.

Thy Spirit, breathing in the word,

Gave me myself to see,

Fallen, till by Thy grace restored,

And lost, till found in Thee.

Jesus, of all my hopes the ground,

Through Thee Thy name I know,

The only name where health is found,

Whence life and blessings flow.

’Tis now by faith’s enlighten’d eye,

I see Thy strange design;

See the God-man come down to die,

That God may all be mine!

Thou art the truth: I now receive

Thy unction from above;

Divinely taught, in Thee believe,

And learn the lore of love.

Still with Thy grace anoint my eyes,

Throughout my darkness shine;

O, make me to salvation wise,—

My All, be ever mine!

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