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By the same.4646Author unknown.

All glory to the eternal Three,

Of light and love the unfathom’d Sea!

Whose boundless power, whose saving grace,

Relieved me in my deep distress.

Still, Lord, from Thy exhaustless store

Pure blessing and salvation shower;

Till earth I leave, and soar away

To regions of unclouded day.

My heart from all pollution clean,

O, purge it, though with grief and pain:

To Thee, lo I my all resign;

Thine be my will, my soul be Thine.

O, guide me, lead me in Thy ways:

’Tis Thine the sinking hand to raise.

O, may I ever lean on Thee:

’Tis Thine to prop the feeble knee.

O Father, sanctify this pain,

Nor let one tear be shed in vain!

Soften, yet arm my breast: no fear,

No wrath, but love alone be there.

O, leave not, cast me not away

In fierce temptation’s dreadful day:

Speak but the word; instant shall cease

The storm, and all my soul be peace!

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