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Psalm 116

O Thou, who, when I did complain,

Didst all my griefs remove;

O Saviour, do not now disdain

My humble praise and love.

Since Thou a pitying ear didst give

And hear me when I pray’d,

I’ll call upon Thee while I live,

And never doubt Thy aid.

Pale Death with all his ghastly train

My soul encompass’d round;

Anguish and sin, and dread and pain

On every side I found.

To Thee, O Lord of Life, I pray’d,

And did for succour flee:

O, save (in my distress I said)

The soul that trusts in Thee!

How good Thou art! how large Thy grace!

How easy to forgive!

The helpless Thou delight’st to raise;

And by Thy love I live.

Then, O my soul, be never more

With anxious thoughts distrest:

God’s bounteous love doth thee restore

To ease and joy and rest.

My eyes no longer drown’d in tears,

My feet from falling free,

Redeem’d from death, and guilty fears,

O Lord, I’ll live to Thee!

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