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From Herbert.

How swiftly wafted in a sigh,

Thou God that hear’st the prayer,

Do our requests invade the sky,

And pierce Thy bending ear!

My suit is made, my prayer is o’er,

If I but lift my eye;

Thou, Omnipresent, canst no more

Not hear, than Thou canst die.

How shall we Thy great arm revere,

Which gives this All to be,

Connects the centre with the sphere,

And spans infinity!

Whate’er our ardent souls require,

Whate’er we wish is there;

Thy power exceeds our scant desire,

And chides our partial prayer.

O, how unbounded is Thy love,

Which, when Thou couldst not die,

Descending from Thy throne above,

Put on mortality!

Thou leav’st Thy Father’s blissful face

Our guilt and curse to assume,

To burst the bars that stopp’d Thy grace,

And make Thy bounty room.

Still then may prayer with me remain,

This my companion be;

So shall I all my wants obtain,

Obtain all heaven in Thee.

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