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Hymn to Christ

Altered from Dr. Hickes’s Reformed Devotions.

Jesu, behold, the wise from far,

Led to Thy cradle by a star,

Bring gifts to Thee, their God and King!

O, guide us by Thy light, that we

The way may find, and still to Thee

Our hearts, our all for tribute bring.

Jesu, the pure, the spotless Lamb,

Who to the temple humbly came

Duteous the legal rights to pay:

O, make our proud, our stubborn will

All Thy wise, gracious laws fulfil,

Whate’er rebellious nature say.

Jesu, who on the fatal wood

Pour’dst out Thy life’s last drop of blood,

Nail’d to the accursed shameful cross:

O, may we bless Thy love, and be

Ready, dear Lord, to bear for Thee

All shame, all grief, all pain, all loss.

Jesu, who by Thine own love slain,

By Thine own power took’st life again,

And conqueror from the grave didst rise:

O, may Thy death our souls revive,

And even on earth a new life give,

A glorious life that never dies.

Jesu, who to thy heaven again

Return’dst in triumph, there to reign

Of men and angels Sovereign King:

O, may our parting souls take flight

Up to that land of joy and light,

And there for ever grateful sing!

All glory to the sacred Three,

One undivided Deity,

All honour, power, and love, and praise;

Still may Thy blessed name shine bright

In beams of uncreated light,

Crown’d with its own eternal rays.

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