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Boldness in the Gospel

From the same.6565 J.J. Winkler, (1670–1722), “Soltt ich aus furcht vor Menschen kindern.” Herrn. Coll., No. 162. Knapp, E.L., p.385.

Shall I, for fear of feeble man,

Thy Spirit’s course in me restrain?

Or, undismay’d, in deed and word

Be a true witness to my Lord?

Awed by a mortal’s frown, shall I

Conceal the word of God Most High?

How then before Thee shall I dare

To stand, or how Thy anger bear?

Shall I, to soothe the unholy throng,

Soften Thy truths, and smooth my tongue?

To gain earth’s gilded toys, or flee

The cross, endured, my God, by Thee?

What then is he whose scorn I dread,

Whose wrath or hate makes me afraid?

A man! an heir of death! a slave

To sin! a bubble on the wave!

Yea, let man rage! since Thou wilt spread

Thy shadowing wings around my head;

Since in all pain Thy tender love

Will still my sweet refreshment prove.

Saviour of men! Thy searching eye

Does all my inmost thoughts descry:

Doth aught on earth my wishes raise;

Or the world’s favour, or its praise?

The love of Christ does me constrain

To seek the wandering souls of men;

With cries, entreaties, tears, to save,

To snatch them from the gaping grave.

For this let men revile my name;

No cross I shun, I fear no shame:

All hail, reproach and welcome, pain!

Only Thy terrors, Lord, restrain.

My life, my blood I here present;

If for Thy truth they may be spent,

Fulfil Thy sovereign counsel, Lord!

Thy will be done! Thy name adored!

Give me Thy strength, O God of power!

Then let winds blow, or thunders roar,

Thy faithful witness will I be—

’Tis fix’d! I can do all through Thee!

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