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God Our Portion

From the Spanish.6262This noble version of Ps. 63 was inserted in the book of 1738, and therefore probably translated in America. The Spanish author is unknown.

O God, my God, my all Thou art;

Ere shines the dawn of rising day,

Thy sovereign light within my heart,

Thy all-enlivening power display.

For Thee my thirsty soul does pant,

While in this desert land I live:

And hungry as I am and faint,

Thy love alone can comfort give.

In a dry land, behold, I place

My whole desire on Thee, O Lord:

And more I joy to gain Thy grace

Than all earth’s treasures can afford.

In holiness within Thy gates

Of old oft have I sought for Thee:

Again my longing spirit waits

That fulness of delight to see.

More dear than life itself, Thy love

My heart and tongue shall still employ;

And to declare Thy praise will prove

My peace, my glory, and my joy.

In blessing Thee with grateful songs

My happy life shall glide away;

The praise that to Thy name belongs

Hourly with lifted hands I’ll pay.

Abundant sweetness, while I sing

Thy love, my ravish’d soul o’erflows;

Secure in Thee, my God and King,

Of glory that no period knows.

Thy name, O Lord, upon my bed

Dwells on my lips, and fires my thought;

With trembling awe, in midnight shade,

I muse on all Thy hands have wrought.

In all I do I feel Thy aid;

Therefore Thy greatness will I sing,

O God, who bidd’st my heart be glad

Beneath the shadow of Thy wing.

My soul draws nigh, and cleaves to Thee:

Then let or earth or hell assail,

Thy mighty hand shall set me free

For whom Thou sav’st, he ne’er shall fail.

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