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The Temper

From the same.

O Lord, how gladly would my rhymes

Engrave Thy love in steel,

If what my soul doth feel sometimes,

My soul might ever feel!

Though there were forty heavens or more,

Sometimes I mount them all;

Sometimes I hardly reach a score,

Sometimes to hell I fall.

Rack me not to such vast extent;

These lengths belong to Thee;

The world’s too little for Thy tent,

A grave too big for me.

O, mete not arms with man, nor stretch

A worm from heaven to hell!

Strive not with dust, nor let a wretch

Thy power almighty feel.

Yet take Thy way: Thy way is best;

Grant or deny me ease:

This is but tuning of my breast,

To make the music please.

Rise I to heaven, or sink to dust,

In both Thy hands appear;

Thy power and love, my love and trust

Make one place everywhere!

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