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The Method

From the same.

Lament, unhappy heart, lament!

Since God refuses still

To hear thy prayer, some discontent

Unknown must cool His will.

Doubtless thy heavenly Father could

Give all thy suit does move;

For He is power and sure He would

Give all; for He is Love.

Go then the secret cause explore,

Go search thy inmost soul:

Let earth divide thy care no more,

Since heaven requires the whole.

Ha! what do I here written see?

It tells me “Yesterday

Cold I preferr’d my careless plea,

And only seem’d to pray.”

But stay—What read I written there?

“Something I would have done;

His Spirit moved me to forbear,

Yet boldly I went on.”

Then bend once more thy knees and pray,

Once more lift up thy voice:

Seek pardon first; and God will say,

“Again, glad heart, rejoice.”

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