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Grace After Meat

Being of beings, God of Love,

To Thee our hearts we raise;

Thy all-sustaining power we prove,

And gladly sing Thy praise.

Thine, wholly Thine, we pant to be;

Our sacrifice receive;

Made, and preserved, and saved by Thee,

To Thee ourselves we give.

Heavenward our every wish aspires:

For all Thy mercy’s store

The sole return Thy love requires

Is, that we ask for more.

For more we ask; we open then

Our hearts to embrace Thy will:

Turn, and beget us, Lord, again,

With all Thy fulness fill!

Come, Holy Ghost, the Saviour’s love

Shed in our hearts abroad;

So shall we ever live, and move,

And be, with Christ, in God.

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