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The Agony

From Herbert.

Vain man has measured land and sea,

Fathom’d the depths of states and kings,

O’er earth and heaven explored his way:

Yet there are two vast spacious things,

To measure which doth more behove,

Yet few that sound them!—Sin and Love.

Who would know Sin, let him repair

To Calvary: there shall he see

A Man so pain’d, that all His hair,

His skin, His garments bloody be!

Sin is that rack, which forces pain

To hunt its food through every vein.

Wouldst thou know Love? behold the God,

The Man, who for thy ransom died:

Go taste the sacred fount that flow’d

Fast-streaming from His wounded side!

Love is that liquor most divine,

God feels as blood, but I as wine.

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