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From the same.

Faint is my head, and sick my heart,

While Thou dost ever, ever stay!

Fix’d in my soul I feel Thy dart,

Groaning I feel it night and day.

Come, Lord, and show Thyself to me,

Or take, O, take me up to Thee!

Canst Thou withhold Thy healing grace,

So kindly lavish of Thy blood;

When swiftly trickling down Thy face,

For me the purple current flow’d!

Come, Lord, and show, &c.

When man was lost, love look’d about.

To see what help in earth or sky:

In vain; for none appear’d without,

The help did in Thy bosom lie!

Come, Lord, &c.

There lay Thy Son; but left His rest

Thraldom and misery to remove

From those, who glory once possess’d,

But wantonly abused Thy love.

Come, Lord, &c.

He came—O, my Redeemer dear!

And canst Thou after this be strange?

Not yet within my heart appear?

Can love like Thine or fail or change?

Come, Lord, &c.

But if Thou tarriest, why must I?

My God, what is this world to me?

This world of woe—hence let them fly,

The clouds that part my soul and Thee.

Come, Lord, &c.

Why should this weary world delight,

Or sense the immortal spirit bind?

Why should frail beauty’s charms invite,

The trifling charms of womankind?

Come, Lord, &c.

A sigh Thou breath’st into my heart,

And earthly joys I view with scorn:

Far from my soul, ye dreams, depart,

Nor mock me with your vain return!

Come, Lord, &c.

Sorrow and sin, and loss and pain,

Are all that here on earth we see;

Restless we pant for ease in vain,

In vain—till ease we find in Thee.

Come, Lord, &c.

Idly we talk of harvests here;

Eternity our harvest is:

Grace brings the great sabbatic year,

When ripen’d into glorious bliss.

Come, Lord, &c.

O, loose this frame, life’s knot untie,

That my free soul may use her wing;

Now pinion’d with mortality,

A weak, entangled, wretched thing!

Come, Lord, &c.

Why should I longer stay and groan?

The most of me to heaven is fled:

My thoughts and joys are thither gone;

To all below I now am dead.

Come, Lord, &c.

Come, dearest Lord! my soul’s desire

With eager pantings gasps for home:

Thee, Thee my restless hopes require;

My flesh and spirit bid Thee come!

Come, Lord, and show Thyself to me,

Or take, O, take me up to Thee!

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